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To be stones

Have the feeling
I'm drowning in this world.
 In a world of hate,
You do not get any air.
One is narrowed,
one can not think clearly,
 say nothing, was not other.
 Just say what pleases the great rulers.
You were once a friend
and now enemies.
 No one trusts anyone else.
One suffocates in this life.
I wish I was a stone.
 A smart person had said,
Here, take this stone,
 throw in calmly into the river,
 he will sink, but not drown,
since he seldom needs to catch air.
One is free,
Under the water one can hear No noise,
No war,
No hate.
You hear nothing.
 One can see how the sun drifts to the bottom of the sea.
 Brighten the darkest spots.
So it should be,
Even in the world.
Destroy all misery.
Finally bring happiness to this world again.
 Finally bring light back into this dark world.
Especially joy.
Then I will also live above the sea again.
Hopefully there will be peace again.
15.3.17 16:56


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